Our technology provides publishers with the arsenal to capitalize on their affiliate links. Making every link worth more.

Data Consolidation

Aggregate and consolidate data from multiple ad-platforms

Data collection in the affiliate channel is siloed. Businesses are forced to access multiple platforms to see results. Advanced data ops processing connects to more than 70 independent data sources including all major affiliate networks. Saving you time by normalizing data, consolidating reports and providing access to advanced data insights at transaction / SKU level

Funnel Relay

Measure ROI by connecting traffic acquisition channels to conversions

The data that shows how a user came to your site and which affiliate links were responsible for sales is entirely separate, existing in different platforms with no common connection that allows end-to-end user journey analysis. FUNNEL RELAY gives a complete view of affiliate user journeys. How a user found your site, where the user landed, where they went and when they made a purchase. FUNNEL RELAY closes the loop between inbound traffic to your content and sales that occur on advertiser websites and apps. It links cost of traffic to ROI and allows you to optimize traffic acquisition based on actual sales performance

Content Discovery

Discover content and build more valuable links on your site

Trackonomics’ link generation allows you to create trackable deep-links that include all relevant data-points and select the most effective advertiser for your traffic. Convert pre-determined product deep-links or use the Trackonomics extension for product inspiration when creating content, by searching at SKU and showing the available commission of each product. Helping you to find the best possible revenue opportunities for your traffic

Prevent Link Rot

Use tools to identify link rot and prevent commission loss

Link Rot causes lost revenue and poor user experiences. It is when a monetized link decays, failing to send the user to the target location or showing the user out of date information. Our Link Scanner allows you to automatically scan monetized links, returning actionable results like dead URLs, out of stock products, price mismatches or redirects that are no longer sending users to the right place. Link Scanner automatically monitors the health of links and helps prevent lost revenue caused by link rot