We make it easy to create, monitor & optimize all your affiliate links Make every link worth more

Data Consolidation

Pull all your affiliate network data into one place

Trackonomics shows you all your data in one simple dashboard. Without logging in to multiple affiliate networks and fiddling around with excel for hours, you'll be able to see your ROI across the board. Save yourself hours of error-prone manual reporting and start getting valuable insights into your best performing channels and merchants today!

Content Analytics

Discover the value of your content right down to the page level

Funnel Relay automatically captures the data you need to fully understand how your content is performing. From article titles and dynamic fields to click and referral sources, Funnel Relay pulls a multitude of data-points even the most transparent networks can deliver. Furthermore, Funnel Relay reports revenue data at the page level where it nicely integrates with other data points like SEO keywords and search volumes. This makes Funnel Relay an essential tool for optimizing revenue for your content.

Link Scanner

Automatically scan your site for broken links to prevent lost sales

Broken links cost publishers an estimated 160 million each month! Stop losing sales to broken, out of stock or out of date links. Use our Link Scanner to automatically check for broken links and boost your affiliate revenue. Make the most of the content you already have by ensuring it's working correctly and up to date. It's a quick win that could boost your sales by up to 14%!

Link Generation

Create all your affiliate links in one place without logging into multiple networks

Our Publisher Extension is a powerful tool that lets you create all your affiliate links in one place. The extension removes the need for error-prone manual SubID tagging, freeing up dozens of extra hours for the important stuff, like creating engaging, valuable content. With the help of our link building templates and automated SubID formatting, you can seamlessly create affiliate links for multiple networks at the touch of a button. The Extension also boasts a powerful search function that helps you find the right products and services at the right price, with price and performance data to guide you.