Affiliate Marketing for Publishers

Know how much your content is worth. Easily create, monitor and optimize all your affiliate links in one place.

Data Consolidation

No more logging in to multiple affiliate networks. Pull all your data into one dashboard & save hours of manual reporting time

Prevent Broken Links

Don't lose sales due to broken, expired or out of stock affiliate links. Get alerts for expired links to save time & drive more sales

Link Generation

Automatically generate trackable links. Streamline your SubID tracking across networks to get maximum data and insight from your content

Article Level Reporting

Discover the true value of your content down to the page level with our end-to-end acquisition to purchase reporting and attribution

Why Trackonomics?

Consolidate data from 80+ platforms and view it all in one simple dashboard

Save hours of manual reporting with custom reports sent straight to your inbox

Export your data to any tool you want with connectors for GDS, Tableau and more

Click to sale attribution showing you how each piece of content is performing

Easily generate unique trackable links and automatically scan for errors

Compare eCPCs and measure your performance against KPIs from your vertical

”In over ten years in the performance marketing industry, i've used almost every tool and platform there is. I've never seen anything that can hold a candle to Trackonomics. This is truly enterprise reporting; providing a single source of truth to countless independent platforms, services and campaigns. Its value to a publisher serious about affiliate monetization cannot be over-stated. This is next level.”
“Trackonomics is building a business intelligence tool that will jumpstart a new era of affiliate marketing”

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