Scan Your Affiliate Links Don't let broken links bring down your sales

What are broken links?

Broken or expired links are a $160 million problem

An estimated $160 million of commission is lost every month to dead links. These could be out of stock products, products removed by the advertiser, or links broken by URL redirects or affiliate tracking changes. This problem is known as link rot and results in huge numbers in lost potential sales for content publishers.

Does it affect your business?

No content publisher is immune to link rot, but too many turn a blind eye.

If you're monetizing your content with affiliate links, you're bound to have some content linger in the organic search results well past its natural expiration date. Successfully monetizing content through affiliate links means being able to keep those links relevant and up to date.

What's the solution?

Maximize your affiliate sales with automatic alerts for expired links

With Link Scanner, your links will be scanned automatically, helping you keep all your content fresh, up-to-date, and optimized to generate maximum revenue.

Happy users, happy publishers

Create a seamless user experience for your audience that will keep them coming back

Keep the right users coming back by providing them with a seamless and engaging user experience on your site. Removing disruptions like 404s, out of stock products and out of season offerings will keep your users on the site and make them keen to return.