One Tool for All Your Affiliate Links Centralized link generation & data-driven product search

Centralized Link Generation

Tired of logging into dozens of affiliate networks to create unique affiliate links?

The days of logging into multiple affiliate networks to generate links for your website are behind you. Use our Publisher Extension to create all your affiliate links in one place, sparing you the time and labor-intensive process of creating them manually for each network.

Streamline Your SubIDs

Capture the metrics you need for each network without having to do the tricky SubID tagging

You’re probably used to manually tagging your links with SubIDs to pass data on to the affiliate networks. This means you know first-hand how error-prone and time-consuming this can be for content creators. This is especially true when you’re working with multiple networks and using different parameters and naming conventions. The Publisher Extension provides link building templates that automatically format and customize your SubIDs for each network, meaning that you can make tricky cross-network manual tagging a thing of the past!

Data-Driven Product Search

Find products and services in the affiliate ecosystem at the right price

Use the Publisher Extension’s powerful search function to help you find the right products and services at the right price. See the price and performance data for different products and make smart, data-driven decisions about who to partner with and where. Works seamlessly with link generation function to automatically create fully trackable product links at the touch of a button.