Funnel Relay: Click to Sale Attribution We'll Show You Which Content Sells.

How it works

A little Trackonomics javascript on your site captures any data you want, starting from the click that brings a user to your website. This could be from a social campaign, Google Ads, organic search or anywhere else. We capture the page level data too (e.g. author, article) and finally connect it to sales level data - giving you a full view of your ROI, your most profitable traffic sources, and your top performing content.

See any metric you want

Have you always wanted to know which page or article has the most SEO value in terms of actual sales? Now you can know this and much more at the touch of a button! You decide what’s important to you and Funnel Relay will automatically capture and store that data, be it traffic source, author, article name, category or anything else of significance to your business.

Much more than SubIDs

You might already be passing on some of this data in SubIDs. But as you know you’re limited in how much data you can store in them which means you have to be very selective. With Funnel Relay you don’t have to limit yourself - you can have all the data you want at your fingertips. With SubIDs alone there’s also no way for you to capture and store the data about where your users came from or about how specific articles are performing.

No More Manual Tagging

You’re probably used to manually tagging your links to pass data on to the affiliate networks. This means you also know first-hand how much room there is for human error and how time-consuming this can be for marketers, editors or anyone else who could otherwise be working on new content or new ideas. This is especially true when you’re working with multiple networks and using different parameters and naming conventions. With Funnel Relay everything is automated and streamlined so that you can make manual tagging (and tagging errors!) a thing of the past.