“Soon we should be trading on individual pieces of content as financial units. It is no longer the case that publishers monetise things by thinking about their whole brand as the product. You can have a website that has two articles in it which are generating 95% of the revenue and another 500 articles which are generating nothing. That change from looking at your publication as a whole to looking at singular units of content is very big and exciting.”

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Hanan Maayan was recently interviewed in What’s New In Publishing… here’s a bit of what he said:

“The affiliate industry is actually very old tech-wise and, in my opinion, quite antiquated. As bigger players come into the affiliate space and the industry becomes more legitimized as a revenue source, we see a tremendous opportunity for growth and innovation. Our goal is to keep in step with the pain points publishers face, which can be challenging in a space that is trying to figure out how to just survive. We are here to not just to help publishers survive, but to thrive—and we can see affiliates making a real difference for them. There’s still a long road ahead to get anywhere near a formula for success, so we are here for that, too.”

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“It is a really exciting time to be in Affiliate Marketing”

Find out why Trackonomics Co-Founder and CEO, Hanan Maayan thinks so in the latest TechBytes interview courtesy of martechseries.

In this interview, Hanan talks about How is Trackonomics different from other MarTech companies. He discusses the ways big publishing companies are using Trackonomics to optimise their online revenue and how users can approach Content Monetization effectively.

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This week’s Perspectives piece on Digital Commerce 360’s Internet Retailer is an article written by our Founder and CEO, Hanan Maayan.

In the article Hanan addresses the issue of Link Rot, and how publishing companies should have an effective strategy for reducing lost revenue from out of date content.

Link Rot is a real marketing issue. It is when a monetised link decays to the point that it’s no longer earning money for a publisher. This is a particular issue for content commerce, where product-specific links are often embedded into articles. Products can go out of stock, the retailer the link directs to could remove the product, or the link itself can break if the URL redirects or tracking is changed. All of these circumstances create Link Rot.

Here at Trackonomics we have found Link Rot Improvement to be one of the most important strategic areas that we can to help publishing companies with, and we’ve helped businesses increase revenue using AMBA, our Link Rot tool.

Read the full article on Internet Retailer.

4 tips for combating link rot in affiliate marketing

Trackonomics was recently featured in PerformanceIN’s SaaS Buyers Guide – a detailed guide to the top technology platforms in performance marketing.

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Our CEO and co-founder, Hanan Maayan, was recently featured on PerformanceIN with his article about automation and efficiency in affiliate marketing. In his article, Hanan discusses some of the pain points of affiliate marketing and how Trackonomics strives to overcome these.

Check out Hanan’s article Affiliate Marketing: Automation and Efficiency

Look who made it to PerformanceIN’s finely curated list of top performance marketing players – our very own Hanan Maayan! Head over to PerformanceIN to see what they had to say about Hanan and other top performance marketing players of 2017.