Get Your Affiliate Data in One Place See your cross-network spend and commission in one affiliate dashboard

Consolidate Your Data

Tired of logging into dozens of platforms and exporting to excel?

The days of logging into multiple affiliate networks and creating summary reports in excel are behind you. Trackonomics integrates with more than 85 affiliate networks & ad platforms and automatically shows you all your affiliate data in ONE easy-to-use dashboard. Say goodbye to hours of manual reporting in excel. Remove the doubt of human error & have 100% confidence in your data & insights

Drill down to any level

Access all your most important metrics in one simple dashboard

Whether you’re interested in high level sales data or want to get down to the most granular of resolutions, Trackonomics has you covered. Analyze your data any way you want & measure performance by article, page, merchant, SubID, or any other meaningful metric. Save multiple views that you can access any time - whether you’re looking for a quick high-level glance at ROI or a deep performance drill-down.

Automated & flexible reporting

Easily connect to other data visualization tools

Use your affiliate dashboard to create automated affiliate reports that can be sent straight to your inbox. Download reports at the click of a button. Export your data to any analysis tool you like with our connectors for Google Data Studio, Tableau and more.

Customize it any way you want

Want to find your top performing merchant? Easily slice and dice your data

With our easy-to-use interface and fully customizable widgets you’ll be able to change data sources, create new views, reports and visualizations all on the fly. Save multiple versions of your dashboards and reports for different levels of analysis. View your data in your graphs and charts of choice. And make the most of our industry-focused default views too.