Trackonomics Co-founder and CEO Hanan Maayan will be taking to the stage at Affiliate Summit Europe on Wednesday 13th March at 14.35 to talk about how a new era of automation for affiliate marketing can challenge the Big 3’s dominance of the industry.

Trackonomics is developing tools to help content publishers make their affiliate marketing more automated and effective. This has given Trackonomics a unique insight into the reliance many content publishers have on Amazon’s product range and the advertising reach of Google and Facebook.

Hanan will discuss the modern consumer’s desire for product specific, relevant content, and how this is a challenge for advertisers and publishers alike. He’ll share his vision for how a smarter, more automated affiliate industry can help publishers lessen their reliance on the world’s biggest ecommerce companies and how advertisers can use affiliate marketing in the same way Amazon has to grow market share and create new audiences.

If you want to meet up with Hanan and the Trackonomics team at Affiliate Summit Europe just email us