Affiliate Dashboard- Automation, Consolidation and Optimization for all Performance and Affiliate Channels.

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“Trackonomics is on track to building a business intelligence tool that will jumpstart a new era of affiliate marketing”
Nilla Ali, Head of Affiliates / Buzzfeed
Consolidate and centralize all
your campaign data in minutes.
Automate reports, alerts, targets and
forecasts and start managing by exception.

Take action on real-time data
with powerful optimization tools.

Trackonomics takes care of the tasks so that you can focus on the trade.

Don't waste time going through and organizing mountains of irrelevant data. Cut straight to the chase and access vital information that will enable you to make the right decisions at the right time - in seconds!

Data Aggregation

All your data through one simple access interface.

Campaign Streamlining

Create new campaigns and analyze old ones

Monitoring & Alerts

Set rules that will monitor your KPIs and will alert you if triggered.

Forecasting & ROI tools

Use our algorithms to help you set targets and forecast success and payouts.

Advanced Benchmarking

Analyze your programs in the context of your vertical or business model.

Automated Reporting

Template your reports and have them generated and sent automatically.

Onboard all your accounts' data in seconds!

Trackonomics offers an enterprise grade solution for data collection and management which will allow you to control almost every aspect of your accounts' data: onboard, collect, validate and health-check your channels whenever you want by simply clicking a button!

Empower smaller teams to do BIGGER things.

“A key management tool that provides complete and daily updated reports, aggregated or breakable in all the needed dimensions and KPIs across our media channels.”

Alessandro Gennari, ASOS

Our algorithms will analyze your historical data and
suggest monthly targets for your programs.


Pace and monitor your publishers' and programs' performance,
with live forecasts of your end of month results.


Mark up graphs and annotate them with data events
and activities, or pull in external event calendars to help planning.


Zoom in or out, and create visual comparisons
by simply dragging and dropping.


An editable Campaign Calendar, that let's you pull in
and consolidate all promotional activities and plan ahead!

We use machine learning and data science to help unlock real opportunities.

Our prediction models will help you forecast performance across partners, seasons and markets. Our AI campaign simulators' algorithms will help you predict the likelihood and costs of desired outcomes and scenarios.


Use our campaign planning tools to help you understand
exactly how much you should pay for every promotion,
with any publishers.


Adjust any of your KPIs or set different spend/revenue targets
to measure the campaign's impact accurately.


Use Trackonomics to generate daily campaign targets,
and generate simulations and insertion orders for your campaigns.

"Our goal is to reduce the massive friction so endemic to performance marketing, by 80% or more"
Hanan Maayan, Founder & CEO of Trackonomics

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